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For more than a century, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC) has been plagued by regional conflict and a deadly scramble for its vast natural resources. More recently, the global demand for cell phones and computer chips is helping fuel a bloody civil war, resembling the conflicts that developed over blood diamonds in the 1990s. Armed groups earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year by trading four main minerals such as the ores that produce tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. This money enables the militias to purchase large numbers of weapons and continue their campaign of brutal violence against civilians, with some of the worst abuses occurring in mining areas. The majority of these minerals eventually wind up in electronic devices such as cell phones, and computers. Major American and International companies continue to trade for these high demand minerals, leaving consumers no way to ensure that their purchases are not financing armed groups that regularly commit atrocities, including mass rape. Let's clean up the Congo and take a stance against trade practices that promote violence!

Assessing corporate action: ranking progress made so far

Two years ago the Enough Project initiated engagement with major electronics companies on conflict minerals, writing to 21 consumer electronics industry leaders to call their attention to this issue and inquire about the steps they were taking to ensure their … Continue reading

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Celebrities use leverage politics

Actor Ryan Gosling joins Ben Affleck in efforts to help bring Peace to the Congo.  He has traveled to the Congo and co-wrote several op-eds and contribued to the book THE ENOUGH MOMENT co-authored by Don Cheadle, another famous actor.  … Continue reading

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Social Media used to target companies

  The Enough Project which I have also mentioned earlier in my blog launched a new strategy to their Change the Equation Campaign last year, using “21st Century style activism”.  They targeted 5 major companies: Dell, Apple, Nintendo, Intel and … Continue reading

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Then and Now: past campaigns can help new ones

Global Witness is an advocacy campaign that I have mentioned previously in my blog.  They were one of the first organizations to bring the world’s attention to the problem of conflict diamonds.  They released a report “A Rough Trade” in … Continue reading

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Individuals who make a difference: RunforCongo

I came across a fellow blogger named Chris, who utilizes his talents to run marathons,  to help raise awareness about the Congo conflict.  Chris’ blog is worth checking out because he has set a personal challenge just for himself, yet … Continue reading

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Affleck is at it again-this time addressing the US Congress

ABC News reports on March 8, 2011 that celebrity Ben Affleck joined advocates and governement officials to plea with Congress to increase government aid to the DRC.  The panelists called for Congress to appoint a special envoy to coordinate the … Continue reading

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Laws and legislation-the legal route to the battle in the Congo

The Gonzaga Journal of International Law is a practice-oriented online international law journal that is student edited by law review standards.  The journal includes articles, essays, comments, and notes from practicing attorneys, law professors, law students, business professionals, and government … Continue reading

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